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Interview Tips

(The information here covers both telephone screens and personal interviews)

I apologize if some of this information is elementary or redundant; my intent is to deal with the lowest common denominator. Before you dismiss, do not over-estimate your own abilities to interview well. You have but one chance to make a good impression. If this helps you along that path, it was worth it.

Remember, an interviewer develops an impression of you in the first few minutes of your meeting or telephone screen, and spends the rest of the interview confirming, not altering, their initial impression. You can’t come back tomorrow with another, more complete, answer to a question. You’re in a boxing match. Keep your guard up for the entire fight; there are no rounds through which you can coast.

An important aspect of interviewing that many candidates, particularly inexperienced ones, overlook is the following: The Company is interviewing you, but you are also interviewing the company. The interview process provides the best information you are likely to get about what being an employee of the company is really like (unless you have close friends who already work there). Key information you should watch for is covered in the various sections below.

Interview Checklist Before You Walk in the Door:

  • Can you explain how you exceed the position's initial requirements?
  • Are you ready to explain you’re past successes (have them memorized)?
  • Do you know the company's culture? Do your image, traits, personality fit in?
  • What can you tell the interviewer that would boost his bottom line?
  • Have you done your homework on the company? It’s past sales, top products, industry outlook, strategy, goals.

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I believe that by becoming a Partner in the process of growth, loaded with the knowledge of pipeline, research, core values and culture of a client along the details of the open position is where we can make a positive impact of getting new technology to the market...."

-- Jamie Riley


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