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In House or Hybrid Role, Maybe Even Remote

Since Covid hit us, the industry has taken some positions that can work remotely and made either fully remote or Hybrid roles. Some positions taken to remote or hybrid are now going back to in-house posi?ons requiring you to be in the o!ce 4 or 5 days a week.

When looking at new positions and planning to move, it is vital to understand what the position requires from the company. In some cases, a position cannot be remote but hybrid because of the face-to-face factor of the job that is needed. In some cases, a hybrid role can be two or three days, with the reality that it depends on the manager and what is happening in the company. If it is hybrid, you need to realize that sometimes a project may require more than two or three days in-house and be flexible.

Have this conversation up front with whomever you are dealing with that is taking you through the process of applying. If it is a recruiter, they should know whether it is hybrid. If it is HR, they will know.

I would suggest that if you are having a conversation with the hiring authority you ask what this schedule may look like so you can plan at least mentally what your week would look like for driving, childcare tolls etc.

In the end, if offered the job, get it in writing.

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-- VP HR


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