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Sample Letter

Mr./Ms _________________
Company Name
Company Address
Dear ________________:

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation to become effective as of (date).

I have accepted a position I believe will offer me the opportunity for advancement as well as allow me to broaden my own experience and knowledge.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your advice and guidance during my tenure at (company) and wish you and (company) continued success.

I came to my decision after careful evaluation and I am not trying to use this opportunity as leverage for a counter offer. I know you will respect my decision and again thank you for all I have gained from you.



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I have worked with Jamie Riley for over six years and I must say his ability to understand positions ranging from Chemist, Formulations and Clinical Research to Vice President of Research has been a breath of fresh air. He has been able to impact on our staffing issues with key placements that were critical to us in a timely manner. When a candidate comes to me from Jamie they are sold on the location, salary, relocation, and title up front w..."

-- VP HR


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