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Multiple Interviewers

Some jobs involve interviewing with a variety of people, either on the same day or at separate interviews. Some interviewing sessions last a full day. In cases like this, it's important to pace yourself so you don't come across as tired or bored by the time you get to your eighth interviewer - remember the company is looking for someone bright and energetic! Many companies regard the all-day interview as a test of whether the candidate's energy level is high enough to cope with the job.

It's also important to give consistent answers when asked the same question by different interviewers, although sometimes a question that is essentially "the same" can be posed with a different spin by different interviewers, and can therefore be answered using different "stories" (as described above); still, the answer should be fundamentally the same. The group of people who interviewed you will be getting together, usually the very next day, to discuss your answers, so consistency is very important.

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I believe that by becoming a Partner in the process of growth, loaded with the knowledge of pipeline, research, core values and culture of a client along the details of the open position is where we can make a positive impact of getting new technology to the market...."

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