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End of an Interview

Key Question You May Consider Asking at the Tail End of Interviews

"Now that you've had some time to talk with me about this position, what do you think are my strong points and where do you think I'm a little light?"

Why ask this? Most especially to hear them state their concerns and cite the negatives. Once they do this, you get a chance to overcome them on the spot. If you don't ask the question, you may never know what their concerns were.


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From a Human Resource side it has been a real pleasure to work with Jamie. I worked with him at a previous company and coming here I must say was very happy to see he is considered a prime recruiter out of the twelve we use. He has delivered great candidates and never gone into the company to recruit from us. He is quick to respond to a situation when needed and has always been there when we needed him on critical issues...."

-- Sr Manager Human Resources Staffing


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