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End of an Interview

Key Question You May Consider Asking at the Tail End of Interviews

"Now that you've had some time to talk with me about this position, what do you think are my strong points and where do you think I'm a little light?"

Why ask this? Most especially to hear them state their concerns and cite the negatives. Once they do this, you get a chance to overcome them on the spot. If you don't ask the question, you may never know what their concerns were.


You may also find entry level pharmaceutical jobs with Jooble:


At a time in our company when we needed detailed skills for our executive positions due to growth, Jamie was able to deliver great candidates with the skills we needed. He not only delivered great candidates but he knew the job specs an delivered in a timely fashion. He would not take on a search he could not fill and didn't waste my time with unqualified candidates. He continues to assist us in our growing process and we really enjoy workin..."

-- VP Research Operations


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