How We Work

All my recruiters do just that, recruit and qualify. I assign projects to team members who, I feel, have the ability to help me fill the job with the notes and descriptions I am given by human resources. My recruiting team then recruits, qualifies, and closes the candidate before they come to me. When they are on my desk I will interview them twice. I interview for more than just skills, I look for culture, personality, drive and motivation. What makes this person tick? Making sure they fit what human resources has guided me with as far as company culture. If at that time they clear me then and only then do I send them with a presentation to human resources.

I may ask specific questions to clarify things on the description and on a rare occasion ask to talk to a hiring manager for five minutes just for clarification on job specifics.

I maintain a team of seven recruiters and a marketing team but all actions with the partners are through me. I currently have the following groups in place:

  • Life Sciences , they deal with anything in the discovery areas
  • Research and Development , They cover the development areas
  • Marketing, we work marketing roles but not sales. (I give sales people for free)
  • Corporate Development , C , VP level candidates
  • Engineering , all areas of engineering

Our way of doing business has allowed us to fill rather hard roles with clients across the United States and in Foreign Countries. We have set up teams in the UK, India, and Singapore, to name a few. We also have filled very difficult role in areas like Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Medical Directors Regulatory, Compliance and Manufacturing.

We have clients that I have worked with spanning 9+ years and to this date still help them when needed and if they don’t need me they know I am here for them and follow up on a quarterly basis. Our submission to interview rate is 3 to 1 and interview to hire rate is 3 to1. If I can’t fill a job I will be the first to say so. We have assisted with two European firms with transition to the United States to establish business and currently working on one to establish a Clinical Research Facility.

I look forward to future discussion and hopefully the chance to show you what Pharma Search Partners can do to impact on your success.

Industry Expertise

Benefit from our profound understanding of the unique demands and challenges that define the pharmaceutical landscape. Our two decades of experience have enabled us to finely tune our approach, delivering candidates with the requisite skills and industry-specific knowledge to make an immediate impact. We have built teams in such areas as Pharmacology, pharmacometrics, pharmacovigilance, biostatistics, toxicology, Chemistry, formulations, regulatory and quality. We have also built teams in IT, manufacturing, and production.

Tailored Talent Acquisition

Every pharmaceutical endeavor is distinct, requiring a workforce that aligns seamlessly with your goals. Our personalized approach ensures that the candidates we present are not just qualified on paper, but also aligned with your company's culture, values, leadership, and vision.


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