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Resignation Advice

Resigning is not an easy process and will be wrought with emotion. Emotions such as fear, doubt and guilt are all normal experiences.

Some Helpful Tips

  • Your decision to leave and take another job is the right thing for you and your family. You reached your decision based on rational thought, don't let emotions cloud that decision.
  • Resign first thing in the morning. Don't labor through the day. Give your two weeks notice and be very direct and positive in your statements. If your employer tries to pressure you to stay longer, you will have to determine whether or not that is necessary although not advised.
  • Expect a reaction of disappointment from your superior and assume that you will receive a counter offer. It is much easier and cheaper to keep you until a replacement can be found. You've already told them that you are not loyal to their mission when you resigned.
  • Your employer may accept your resignation and ask you to leave immediately. Don't be alarmed, you have access to confidential information and they may want to severe that information flow. If asked to leave early, call your new employer and start early or use the time to relax and prepare for your new opportunity.
  • During your transition period, you will be approached by others who want to leave. Do not get involved in gossip or negative conversations. Continue to do your job to the best of your ability. Remember, this is a future reference.

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